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Riverwood Saturday 2:00pm ~ 3:30pmRiverwood Saturday 3:40pm ~ 5:10pm (Full)Epping Saturday 9:15pm ~ 10:45pm (K-Year2)Epping Saturday 10:50pm ~ 12:20pm (K-Year2)Epping Friday 4:00pm ~ 5:30pm (K-Year2)Epping Wednesday 4:00pm ~ 5:30pm (Year3-6)Epping Tuesday 4:00pm ~ 5:30pm (K-Year6) Chinese PaintingEpping Saturday 2:00pm ~ 3:00pm (艺能亲子班)Epping Tuesday 4:00pm ~ 5:00pm (艺能亲子班)Other

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Permission to Publish

Shine Art Academy may publish information about your child for the purposes of sharing his/her experiences with other students, informing the school and broader community about school/visual art class and student activities and recording student participation in noteworthy projects eg. Art Competitions, Art Awards.

This information may include your child's name, age, class and information collected at class such as photographs, sound and visual recordings of your child, your child's work and expressions of opinion such as interactive media.

The communications in which your child's information may be published include but are not limited to:

  • Public Websites of Shine Art Academy, blogs and wikis
  • Publications including the Shine Art Academy newsletter, annual magazine and report, promotional material published in print and electronically
  • Official shine Art Academy social media accounts on networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Weibo and Wechat pages.

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